Post Office

First New Plymouth Post Office

Very Early Photo of the 1st Post Office in New Plymouth, Idaho

Postmaster – Frank S. Stevens from 1902 to 1912   (That is Mr. Stevens in the white shirt. He also sold Boots and Shoes.)

This building was sometimes described as “The Snyder Building” or “The Brick Shaw Building”

The Restaurant faced Elm Street, across from the Triangle, where the first school house stood in 1901.

There were rooms to rent soil may have been called a Hotel.

It also housed the telephone office, and the local Newspaper. At some time, it was destroyed or burned.

It was just a big hole with a wooden fence surrounding it in the 1930’s. Saturday nights found a lot of men sitting on the top rail, chewing the fat, while the wives shopped. Saturday nights were a “big deal”. The stores stayed open late and there was dancing in the top floor of the Pioneer Building. There were also outside “Talking Pictures” shown on the side of the Idaho Dept. Store Building.

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