Punkin Vine


Payette Valley Railroad 1906

The Payette Valley railroad was called “The Punkin Vine” by the local residents. It was finally finished between Payette and Emmett.

Crops could now be shipped and supplies could be received. No need for long trips to the Payette Depot with wagons.

Fred Fairman was the first Depot Agent in New Plymouth. Frank Noyes ran a dray line from the Depot into town. There was also a stock yard at the depot. Lilly Peterson remembers going to a neighbors, near the tracks, and flagging the train down.

For 35 cents, she could ride to Payette to visit her grandparents.

Below is an article from the New Plymouth Outlook, regarding the New Rail Road before it was approved.

New Plymouth Outlook, New Plymouth, Idaho, Friday, January 6, 1905


The railroad agitation is again rife and the bench people are hopeful of good results. Mr. Mainland, a Chicago capitalist and Engineer W. H. Abbot, of Cleveland, with F. T. Dawe, a promoter, accompanied Mr. Brainard up from Payette on Wednesday of this week, and these gentlemen were greeted here by a big Mass meeting of our citizens. Mr. Mainland expressed himself as being here simply to look the ground over, and that when they have collected all necessary material upon which to base their estimates they will carefully consider the project and if feasible will let the people along the line know what help is expected of them before the road is started.

It was suggested to the gentlemen that a line running up Long Valley clear to the Payette Lakes would be a profitable extension of the present plans, but as near as we can learn the present arrangement is to build from Payette. New Plymouth, and to extend the line as the country develops.

Our people are not crazy with excitement over the railroad coming. yet are naturally eager about the matter, as the lack of transportation in the Payette valley is the one great barrier to our success.

There is now great reason to hope that the transportation question in the Payette Valley is not very far off from settlement.


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