Palace Hotel

fitz_025aOriginal photo of the Palace Hotel in the early days of New Plymouth, Idaho

A Porch was built on the side, at some later date, after it was moved (See Next Page)

Photo – Property of Lloyd Chadwick – Date Unknown

People – Eldrew Chadwick – 4th from the left. Thomas and Laura Chadwick – 7th and 8th from the left.

Tom and Laura Chadwick were proprietors of the Palace Hotel.

Location: Across from where the Nazarene Church is, today.

Later, it was moved to West Elm Street, directly across from the Old (Stevens?) Hotel, that later burned.

It was still there many years later.

Elm Street was the main road into New Plymouth, from the west.

It would make sense to have the Boarding Houses and Hotels on that street.

Old Timers spoke of the good meals served here.

A new house was built across from the Nazarene Church, where the Palace Hotel once stood.

Many old stories about this hotel are in error.

Note: Laura Chadwick died in 1927, age 67 and Tom Chadwick died in 1929, age 64.

This Hotel (Boarding House) was never on Main Street as quoted on page 45 in Shadow of the Squaw.

The Chadwick’s came to New Plymouth, about 1907.

Ref: Interviews with Lilly Peterson, Pearl Roney and Mildred Bean, by Fern Anderson

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