School Days

fitz_035aNew Brick School House – 1904

Top Row are adults – Possibly Teachers and Board members?

This was labeled as the 7th & 8th Grades
Only two students known.
2nd Row – L. to R., #3 Anice Slone #4 Alice Slone (Twin Daughters of Joe and Kizziah Slone)

(This may be one of the first pictures taken at the New Brick School, built-in 1904.)

Below is a list of Students with good attendance records in 1905.


New Plymouth Outlook, New Plymouth, Idaho, Friday, February 3, 1905


Prof. Tracy hands us the names of the following pupils who are worthy of special honors for their good attendance at school. The names given are those of pupils who have been neither absent nor tardy for the past three and four months, as designated:


Four Months – Hallie Cox, Alma Bliss, Charlotte Swatman, Maud Slone, Ella Meyer

Three Months – Maud Slone, Eunice Slone, Winnie Hill, Anice Slone, Alice Slone.


Four Months – Golda Fergurson, Arthur Albert, Fern Hill, Howard Kinney, Ida Kinney, Esther Sundles, Glenwood Stevens, Mryron Flagg, Thomas Rice, Paul Lewis – 3.


Four Months – Florence Warren, Alice Bliss, Roy Baker, Jettie Hill, Fred Kinney, Curtis Kinney, Chauncey Martin, Carroll Coq, John Hanigan, Ruth Williams, John Boor, Ruth Hill.

Three Months – Harry Roe, John Platz, Willie Fisher.

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