Poultry House

fitz_039a1915 POULTRY HOUSE

Names of some of the people are unknown.

1. and 2. (Must be in far back)

3. Vernon Lill (At top)

4. Bill Driscoll 5:? 6.?

7. Arthur Albert

8. Frank Stevens


10. Mike Flock

11. Alex Castle

12. Marvin Hurst

13. Andy Castle

14. Eldrew Chadwick (Note the feathers on his apron)

15. Martin Lill


17. Sherman Cox

18. Frank Curley

19. Shorty Boles

20. Rice

21. Mike King

22. E. E. Cox

Item taken from the Minutes of the New Plymouth City Council, Nov. 1, 1915

“The person handling and killing of chickens and turkeys are to be notified to do it in a sanitary manner and to not open the front door to business, at that time.”

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