Anderson’s Service Station

fitz_068aAnderson’s Service Station 1943

It is not known when this building was built but it was in New Plymouth’s early years. The City Council Minutes Book, dated Jan. 4, 1916, states that W.B. Anderson asked Permission to build an ice house in the rear of Block 32 – Lot 1. The ice house was on the right hand side of this building. It later became a Cold Storage unit for the town. Also, on July 11, 1916, a license was issued to W.B. Anderson for 2 pool tables.

One old photo shows a Cigar Store at the front of this building.

Mr. Anderson was born in 1882 and died in 1931, at the age of 50. After his death, the Service Station was run by his wife, Ethel and his son, George Anderson. They were still here when this picture was taken.

In later years it was run by Paul Gilmore and Laurence York.

This building was rebuilt about 1950 and served as a Real Estate Office for several years. Penny’s Floral is in this location in 1995.

The Idaho Dept. Store is on the left hand side of this photo. The side of the building was used to show “Moving Pictures” before New Plymouth got a Theatre in 1937. The empty lot became a Bank and Post Office Building in 1950.

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