Dehydrator Fire

fitz_070aThis Dehydrator was in business all during the WWII years. (No picture available of it before it burned in 1948)

The main product was dried potatoes for shipment to the troops.

It served as employment for people in New Plymouth, all during that time.

Joe Henggeler was the Manager and it ran 3 shifts, so it took a lot of workers.

High School Seniors could work just about any shift, they wanted, just by showing up.

We could go to school and be there for the Swing Shift to work.

It was warm from the steam coming off of the potatoes as they came down the belt.

That made it hard to stay awake.

The job involved cutting out any bad spots and it was called “Specking”.

We had special little curved knives for that.

I remember the fire, as we lived across the Noble Ditch from it.

We had the hose out spraying the roof, because of flying embers.

Williamson’s Roofing is in that spot, in 1995.

E. Jane Fitzsimons

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