Van Petten Lumber

fitz_079aInside Van Petten Lumber, 1950’s

Art Meyer, Manager and Emma Clauser, Secretary

The Van Petten Family of Ontario, Oregon purchased this lumber yard in 1916 from C.F. Eder, who stayed on as manager. History of this business goes back to early days in New Plymouth.

Art Meyer’s Great Grandfather, Arthur Meyer, went into Partnership with Louis Wachter in 1903. They built a Lumber Yard to connect with Mr. Wachter’s small Hardware Store. Later it was sold to Mr. Eder. It remained Van Petten’s Lumber Yard until it closed, soon after Art Meyer died in 1967.

Ref: The 1914 Biography’s of Arthur Meyer and Louis Wachter in the “History of Idaho” by Hiram T. French.


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