Payette Valley Sentinel and Red Apple News 1960’s

fitz_084eRELIABLE SOURCES have informed the Sentinel/Banner that Counsil and Sullivan have united forces to buy the old Gorton Bldg.

Secretly, Mr. Sullivan has been allowing “his curly locks” to grow for an extra-long time, according to our informer, Chet Counsil. This was done to satisfy a secret ambition. Mr. Sullivan’s desire was to be the very first customer to the New Plymouth Barber Shop, newly remodeled section in the north of the newly purchased building. Sure enough, when Mr. Dud Wininger opened his shop early Tuesday morning, Mr.. Sullivan was there to satisfy that secret ambition.

The reason for letting the hair grow longer? To get more for his money? No. Our sources seem to think that Mr. Sullivan could not slow down long to enough to get a hair cut, unless it started growing over his eyes and ears. In jest, it was thought that the longer the hair, the greater the incentive to get that haircut, first thing Tuesday morning.

fitz_084hA 20-year-old New Plymouth youth, Dennis Huff, has been named assistant manager of the Ontario Safeway store, one of the youngest in the chain’s history, reported Neil Bryson, Safeway manager. Huff, who is single, has been at the Ontario store for the past one and a half years. He has attended school in New Plymouth and graduated from high school there in 1965. He has attended Treasure Valley Community college, majoring in business administration. Mr. Huff state that he intends to continue his education there in evening classes. He resides in New Plymouth with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Huff.

fitz_084fHE SERVES YOU: Born in Nebraska, Cpl. L.W. Pidgeon has lived in Idaho for 22 years and has been a member of the Idaho State Police for 11 years. He has taken several law enforcement courses as well as Police Science studies at Treasure Valley Community College. Cpl. Pidgeon started with the ISP in the Kinging Hill Port of Entry and worked in Elmore, Gooding and Owyhee counties before moving to New Plymouth. Assigned to ISP District 3, he now works in Payette and Washington counties.

fitz_084gSIGNING PROCLAMATION for the 19th Annual National Beauty Salon Week, February 9 through 15, is New Plymouth mayor Lowell Simonson. Mrs. Bell is a member of the National Hairdressers Cosmetologists Association and owner of Ruth’s Beauty Shop. Theme for the event is “Crown Your Beauty With a New Hair Style.” The members of the association give shampoos and sets for the Payette nursing home every month and this week they will style hair for 30 Headstart children and several of the mentally retarded. (Mrs. Bell received a broken wrist from a recent fall on the ice)

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