Construction 1900s




At work on this budding are Ben Ackerman & James Henry Hannigan – about 1912

People in the car – P. Monroe Smock, Fred French, Arthur Meyer, (with the beard) and Frank Stevens. (The completed building is shown in the photo on the next page.)

Hugh Hamilton ran a Shoe Store and the Post Office here until 1934.

The upper story had rooms to rent so it may have been called a Hotel at one time.

It later became Harry Asmussen’s Bar and is now “The Club”, owned by Lowell Simonson in 1995.







This building is being constructed in the previous photo.

Architecture is the same. It is not the Pioneer Building.

Note the empty lot on the right hand side of the building. The old wood frame Hotel and Swatman’s Drug Store were located here in 1910 photo. They are both gone in this photo.

Frank Stevens was postmaster until 1912.

H.H. Hamilton took over, running both the Post Office and Shoe Store in this building until 1934.

There were rooms undo Dr. Office, upstairs.

At one time it had a Hotel Sign on the side of the building.

Mr. Hamilton may be the man on the left and Frank Stevens on the right in the picture.

In 1995, this building belonged to Lowell Simonson


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