E. P. Day Building

fitz_009aE. P. Day Building 1909  (Left Side)

E.P. Day sold real estate and insurance for about 50 years. The left side of the building also held Dr. Drysdale’s Office, at one time. Later, Trayer’s Jewelry Store until he moved the business into his home on Elm Street. This building was bought by PV Co-op and torn down in the 1970’s.

Sullivan Building  (Right Side)

This was the New Plymouth Mercantile Co., owned by Mike Sullivan and the Ackerman’s.

Mike and his son, Roland Sullivan bought out the Ackerman’s about 1925. (Mike Sullivan is the man in the sweater, others unknown.) Mike Sullivan was married to Mary Ackerman. This building became Bradsul’s Dept. Store in the 1950’s, a partnership between Roland Sullivan and Pete Bradley. Roland ran the Groceteria, across the street until his death in 1971. This building is a Day Care Center in 1995.

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