New Plymouth People

The Carpenter’s

fitz_012aPhoto taken in front of the Old Hotel and the Old Drug Store on April 18, 1911.

Jim Carpenter and Irene Castle in the back seat. Les Carpenter and Agnes Castle in the front seat.

Jim and Les are brothers – Irene and Agnes are sisters. Les and Agnes were married at a later date.


 Jim and Irene Carpenter

Jim and Irene Carpenter were married on April 18, 1911 in the Catholic Church by Fr. Godschalx.

They lived all their life in New Plymouth, where they raised 11 children.

Children: Clara – James (Jiggs) – Chester – Dorothy – Russell – Francis – Evelyn – Donald – Eleanor – Bill – Mary

Jim Carpenter came to this valley in 1896, with his parents, when he was 9 years old.

His parents are buried in the Old Kennedy Cemetery

James Russell (Jim) Carpenter was born May 4, 1887 in Asotin Washington – died, Nov. 9, 1937.

Irene Elizabeth (Castle) Carpenter was born May 7, 1891 in Spalding, Nebraska – died, April 10, 1980.



Both are buried in Park View Cemetery


Ref: Dorothy (Carpenter) Bradley’s family tree papers.

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