West Side

fitz_015aWEST  SIDE

White Hardware and Implements bldg. (Note the pipe near the bicycle – Was that a gas pipe?) The next building is unknown. Next is the town’s First Bank, owned by C.S. French and Son. The tall block building has a sign, IDAHO HOTEL. This building is still here in 1995. The Pioneer building and the Creasey building at the end of the street are recognizable. To the right of the Creasey building are E.P. Day Realty and the Sullivan Mercantile Store arid one unknown.


There is a GARAGE Sign. (Pearl Roney’s cousin, Ted French, owned a Garage in the early days.) Other buildings not known. At the end of the street is the tall brick building, where the Post Office was in 1901. It was one of the first buildings in New Plymouth, often referred to as “The Snyder Building” or “The Brick Shaw Building”. Several horse-drawn vehicles and one car can be seen along the dirt road.

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